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Original music to make you feel good

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Listen Twice

Listen Twice

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Upcoming Gigs

Saturday 27th Jan 21:30 - The Stonewell Tap, Lancaster

Sunday 11th Feb 20:45 - The Exchange, Morecambe

Thursday 14th March 21:00 - Golden Lion, Lancaster

Friday 15th March 21:30 - Ruskins Bar, Kendal

Saturday 16th March 21:00 - Station Inn, Kendal

Saturday 27th April 4:30 - 7:30 - Tap House, Lancaster

Sunday 26th May - Workington (Battle of the Bands)

Friday 31st May 9:00 - John O'Gaunt, Lancaster

Friday 7th June - 9:00 - Tap House, Lancaster

Saturday 8th June - Cavendish Street Club, Barrow

Friday 21st June - The Crown, Darwen

Thursday 11th July - The Exchange, Morecambe Music Festival

Saturday 3rd August - 19.30 - The Duke of Cumberland, Kendal

Saturday 17th August - 20.30 - Royal Bar and Shaker, Morecambe

Saturday 24th August - 20.30 - The Gateway Inn, Kendal


Friday 11th October - Cappuvino

Sunday 13th October - Stonewell Taps


Original music at its best

From Northern England to South America

Music needs to move you, both physically and mentally. 

From heavy guitar, banging drum beats and bass that makes you move; Listen Twice puts a focus on a collective sound that makes you want to know more. Taking inspiration from rock, indie and alternative styles (as well as some ska for fun) Listen twice offer style of songs that you can love in an instance.  Add in the rather fantastic vocals of Kate and you have got a band that can fill any room and get people into the music. 

After all. Music is what makes the world go round. 

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